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We manufacture furniture as designed by the interior decorators and designers or even by You.

 Our company is having its own, well-equipped joiner workshop, where our products are made in 1st class quality. After exact and preliminary on-site size-up – designing of the product, then manufacturing and finally delivery to the site and installation follow. We also size up, design, manufacture, and install on the site the unique demands matching the existing furniture, and being of the same finish and technical content.
We are dealing with the manufacture and sale of furniture for wardrobes, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, entrance halls, passages and children’s rooms, as well as furnishing of other premises demanding unique manufacture, designing and having produced of curtains and bedspreads.
On the basis of coordinated designs we accept the orders and then deliver the products within 3-6 weeks. This is the brief description of our activity. We hope to be at your disposal soon.
Please contact us, we are waiting for you!

Yours faithfully,

Rezső Horváth 
managing director  



At present we are working at our site of cca 1000 m2 surface, we are having the most up-to-date technology of wood industry (CNC). We consider flexible adaptation to the changing demands very important.

Computer-based designing allows for more economical production.
By means of process development we achieve compliance of our products with the strictest expectations.

Offering free capacity:

We immediately undertake manufacturing of edge-closed parts with series of bores. We also undertake manufacturing of other furniture in small series, up to filling our free capacity.

Selling of finished products:

We are looking for dealers for selling our products; we promote first purchases, and take part in placing out sample pieces of furniture.

> On site size-up, and advising

> On site size-up, and advising

> Joiner maintenance at flat rate basis (for office buildings, institutes, schools)

> Assembling of furniture (new furniture)

> Moving and re-assembling of old furniture

> Cutting and edge closing also from materials brought by the customer