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Interior design

We are already at the disposal of residential construction or home improvement interior design of advice, complete interior design, furniture can be flat design.
We would be happy if we could be part of a harmonious home interior design!
The light, the colors, the flooring and the furniture forms, combination of functionality, the result of all this harmony may be a good habitable and usable living space. Decorators colleagues professional advice, design plans of help based on your assignment.
Our studio FURNITURE
Székesfehérvár, the fruit u. 4-6. Case. below, as well as in Budapest, Sopron and Kaposvar be found.
The construction of new housing, renovation of old homes in the planning stages are available with experts for advice. Prearranged szintekig oral advice to a studio apartment in “turnkey” furnished by transferring up to undertake the interior design (interior walls of trail designation, color consulting, selection, furniture design, technical survey covers the manufacture and on-site realization, etc.).